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Forest machines

Forestry trailers

Our offer includes foresty trailers with a load capacity of 5 to 15 tons.

With over 25 years of experience in the harsh conditions of Polish forests, we have managed to create a product, that will satisfy even the most demanding users. We use only the best technical solution (such as the integrated frame or flap down support legs), top-class materials and components from reputable brands that meet the quality requirements of the FAO FAR® brand. An additional advantage of Fao Far machines is the immediate availability of spare parts.

Forestry trailers Forestry trailers

Forestry mulchers

FAO FAR® forestry mulchers are designed for tractors with power from 100 to 450 HP.

Our products have gained great popularity and recognition on the forest machinery market due to their compact and massive construction combined with a simultaneous economic advantage over the competition. It manifests itself through low operating costs, reliability, efficiency, quality of work, factory service and immediate availability of all spare parts from our warehouse.

Forestry mulchers Forestry mulchers

FAO FAR ® join the best in biz!

Thanks to passion and commitment, we do not lack ideas and plans for the future. Certainly, we will still want to maintain the position of a market leader setting trends and being ahead of the competition. However, we are always open to your needs and we are aware that it is primarily the market itself that sets the direction of development, but we sense them and therefore we can always be a step ahead. We want to maintain the quality of our service and the speed of response at the current level. Thanks to excellent employees and your help, we know that we will meet all the challenges that will appear on our path. The slogan "FAO FAR ® join the best in biz. We build machines with passion "obliges. Come and meet us closer.


Mulchers Mulchers

Forestry trailers

Forestry trailers Forestry trailers

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I have been working with Fao-Far machines since 2007, during this period I purchased many of their products and each of them is individually created for my needs. At first, I was convinced by the innovative appearance of the machines. The Fao-Far brand is open to conversations with the customer in terms of machine improvement and their work efficiency. In Fao-Far products, I value reliability, quality of workmanship, efficiency of machines and immediate access to spare parts and service. The price / quality ratio is the biggest advantage of the machines. Fao-Far is a very good choice.

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I've been using the Fao Far machine for about 15 years. I currently have 7 trailers, 2 milling machines, and a plow milling machine. What I like about Fao Far machines is that they are made of good material, which makes them durable and long-lasting. An additional advantage is that they are manufactured in Poland and you do not have to wait long for consumable parts.

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I have been a Fao Far customer for 13 years. In the company we use two trailers with cranes, two trunk milling machines and three branch shredders. I was convinced by the quality, availability of parts and friendly company owners to buy Fao Far machines. What I value most about the brand is that it is a family company that cares about quality, and the owners have the knowledge necessary to talk about equipment. The downside is the low availability of machines for purchase "on stock"