FAO FAR - przyczepy leśne z żurawiami

Our offer includes trailers with a load capacity of 5 to 15 tons.

We never compromise when it comes to our approach to machine construction. No matter if you use the smallest trailer with a capacity of 5 tons or the largest, each product offers the highest quality and the best solutions available on the market. All models are built on a well-tried integrated frame modeled on the construction of forewords of leading brands. Perfect balance and foldable flap down supports ensure excellent stability. 28 years of experience in the Polish market has allowed us to create a structure that works perfectly in harsh conditions, and the immediate availability of all parts and factory service ensures uninterrupted operation.

FAO FAR - przyczepy leśne z żurawiami



Efficient and efficient machines designed to work in the harshest conditions.

Main design concepts: high level of work intensity, long life.

FAO FAR® offers models with a load capacity of 5 to 15 tons with FAO FAR® or CRANAB (Sweden) cranes with a lifting moment of 22-87 kNm. And range from 4.1 - 9.2 m.

The main priority when designing a new model is not the lowest price but the highest efficiency of machines, their reliability, and long life.

In detail, refined technical solutions, the highest quality materials, advanced, modern production technology and high qualifications of employees allow us to create machines that stand out significantly from other machines available on the market.



0m[17].jpg FAO FAR 1542 + FAO FAR 60731542-6073 FAO FAR 1342 + FAO FAR 60730m[20].jpg FAO FAR 1242 + FAO FAR 54720m[19].jpg FAO FAR 1142 + FAO FAR 54720m[16].jpg FAO FAR 1142 + FAO FAR 47680-1042+4768.JPG FAO FAR 1042 + FAO FAR 4768942+4768.JPG FAO FAR 942 + FAO FAR 47680m[13].jpg FAO FAR 842 + 32640m[14].jpg FAO FAR 81 + 2554przyczepa_lesna_faofar61_z_zurawiem_2250.JPG FAO FAR 61 + FAO FAR 2554przyczepa_lesna_faofar61_z_zurawiem_2241[4].jpg FAO FAR 61 + 2241przyczepa_lesna_faofar51_z_zurawiem_2241.JPG FAO FAR 51 + 2241