Forestry mulchers

FAO FAR® milling machines are designed for tractors with power from 80 to 450 HP.

Our products have gained great popularity and recognition on the forest machinery market due to their compact and massive construction combined with an economic advantage over the competition. It manifests itself through low operating costs, reliability, efficiency, quality of work, factory service and immediate availability of all spare parts from our warehouse. The linkage system is ideally suited to the tractors most commonly used in forestry. The great mass guarantees extremely stable operation and long service life of the machine housing and components.

Forestry mulchers

MODELS     2.052DT,    2.352DT,    2.064DT,    2,364DT 

FAO FAR 2.351


Applications :


- crushing waste after felling

- preparing logging roads

- making and upkeeping firebreaks

- removing brush under power transmission lines

- site preparation prior to planting trees

- maintenance of forest roads

- wasteland rehabilitation


FAO FAR milling mulchers can operate on a 100-240 HP tractor. Compact and sturdy construction. Suspension system fitted to most common forestry tractors. Machine constructed and suitable in every respect for work in Polish forestry conditions. 

Two-side driving system is able to transmit big working loads while featuring long lasting durability and no need of frequent servicing. . 


Hard rotor teeth spirally mounted on its drum and ending with replaceable carbide tips cut into the soil.

Labyrinth seal bearings prevent branches and wire pieces from winding around the rotor axles.

The spiral arrangement of teeth allows working loads to be better distributed; this makes the operation smoother and lengthens service life of the machine parts. 


A special heavy version of the rotor with 10 teeth more. 


The optional teeth are fastened with two bolts featuring reinforced tips for areas of land abounding in stones.

A large robust cylinder-operated rear cover and a tree-tilting frame allow standing trees with quite thick trunks to be crushed. Frame tilt is adjustable with 6 angle settings. A hydraulic setting device is optional. 


Standard supporting skids have a multi-step depth adjustment mechanism.


Other optional skids are also available: sweeping skids for road maintenance and digging-in ones for deep soil penetration; this option is available with automatic gear tilt angle adjustment. 


Thanks to a large ground clearance under the front part of machine (35 cm) a thick layer of branches is no obstacle (branches do not accumulate, which usually could occur with blocking the milling head).


Drive unit for 200 HP power transmission, with pressure lubrication and oil cooling for gears and drive shafts.

Oil cleaning with a full-flow filter in the version with pump.

Machines are suitable for long-lasting heavy-duty applications. Components influencing service life and reliability, such as gears, pulleys, V-belts, bearings, carbide tips, drive shafts, are imported from renowned European manufacturers. 


 All members of driving and hydraulic systems are protected with solid guards. 

The highest level of manufacturing solutions ensures a quality achieved by European leaders.

The whole machine is made from higher-strength steel. Steel plate components are laser cut-out and welded in noble gas shielding. They all undergo shot cleaning prior to painting. Then three coats of polyurethane varnish give a long lasting anticorrosion protection.


Benefits of FAO-FAR milling mulchers:

  • Shock-resistant milling roller
  • Milling tips on individual holders, no wearing-off plates
  • Milling drum balanced statically and dynamically to grade G2.5 (as per ISO 1940/1-1986) guarantees smooth running and long life of bearings
  • Machine comes with any optional attachments and specifications adapted to fit customer’s individual needs
  • Machine, operating materials and spare parts available at an affordable price
  • Operating materials and spare parts available from stock
  • Professional technical support and immediate solution of problems

Different colours on demand.

2353_Franja_50 FAO FAR 2.353 DT-S 2300 TURBO1854_0_main_70 FAO FAR 1.854 DT2054nowa_ FAO FAR 2.054 DT2354_08_01 FAO FAR 2.354 DT205701 FAO FAR 2.057 DT 235700 FAO FAR 2.357 DT2553_małe FAO FAR 2.353 DT-S 2500 TURBO2360_02 FAO FAR 2.360 DT-S2361_1_main_1_58 FAO FAR 2.361 DT256101 FAO FAR 2.561 DT236401 FAO FAR 2.364DT