About company

The FAO FAR company was founded in 1992. in Puńców by Janusz Glajcar. The company main job was repairing agricultural machinery, reconstructing and constructing unusual machines to the client's order.

Learning the market, the range of services was expanded to include the import of forest machines (Firma Handlowa FAO FAR s.c) from Denmark, Finland, and Austria. FAO FAR was the first private company to supply forest machines for the State Forests. The separation of ZUL (private forestry services companies) from the structures of State Forests resulted in the need to expand the offer, modify it to meet the needs of Polish foresters, and thus in 2000 own production of forest machines began, gradually withdrawing from imported machines.

Currently, PPUH FAO FAR ® Janusz Glajcar is still a completely private Polish company. It is the largest Polish private manufacturer of forestry machinery. We work on approximately 5,200 m2 (welding building, shot blasting cabin, painting cabin, assembly building, 2 warehouse halls, office building), we work with the best global suppliers of components, each year we note an increase in sales value, we have dealleerships in Germany, Austria, and Ukraine. We fully own the Czech company FAO FAR Lesni Technika S.R.O. We look optimistically into the future hoping for further development.

Our numerous awards won during forestry fairs, an ever-growing group of customers and satisfactory cooperation with machine users motivates us to further development, which allows us to ensure cooperation at the highest level.

We invite you to visit our company.

Janusz Glajcar - owner

The mission:

Is there anything more important at work than satisfaction and professionalism?

For over 27 years, FAO FAR ® has been working on meeting the needs of its clients in this area, providing the best forestry machinery.

Do we succeed?

We believe so. This is confirmed by your positive feedback and returning to us, but also many awards won during Polish and international fairs,  the number of orders always exceeding our production capacity, and constantly increasing sales volume on foreign markets.

Why do we succeed?

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been constantly working with passion and a desire to create better and better, a desire to overcome barriers, go beyond the schemes, a desire to meet the serious requirements of our clients. We are not lacking in passion, The FAO FAR® Team is made of people convinced that they want to build the best, and new people joining the Team can stay with us only when they understand that work is a passion, the joy of creation and it should always be done possibly the best! For this reason, our production was not and is not serial production - it is not a typical production line, where the customer must adapt to the finished product, and is the production of PREMIUM SELECTION, the customer presents his requirements and a machine is built for him. That is why our production offer is so rich and impossible to automate.

What are our plans for the future?

Thanks to passion and commitment, we do not lack ideas and plans for the future. Certainly, we will still want to maintain the position of a market leader setting trends and being ahead of the competition. However, we are always open to your needs and we are aware that it is primarily the market itself that sets the direction of development, but we sense them and therefore we can always be a step ahead. We want to maintain the quality of our service and the speed of response at the current level. Thanks to excellent employees and your help, we know that we will meet all the challenges that will appear on our path. The slogan "FAO FAR ® join the best in biz. We build machines with passion "obliges. Come and meet us closer.