FAO FAR 1142 for tractors with power 100-150 HP. An eagerly chosen, universal trailer designed for work on cutting sites and in thinning. The modern integrated frame combines the advantages of a box and central frame.

CRANAB are the best forest cranes in Europe assembled by leading forwarder and harvesters producers. Now available in sets with FAO FAR forest trailers. Cranab FC53DT is a fast and efficient crane with a range of 8.5 m, perfect arm geometry and a double telescope guarantee high performance even in tight thinning. The quality of workmanship is also indisputable. The best materials used for construction, modern production technology and proven design guarantee a long machine life.

It is worth investing in advanced control systems in this class of machines. Modern systems with variable displacement pumps controlled by LS signal significantly increase efficiency (20-30%) while reducing fuel consumption. The intelligent LS system operates by communicating the manifold with a variable capacity pump (in the range of 0-120 l / min). The pump capacity changes automatically depending on the number of crane functions that are currently active. In trailers equipped with a hydraulic wheel drive, the LS system automatically adapts the trailer's traveling speed to the tractor's speed.