FAO FAR 1242, 1342, 1442 and 1542 are professional forest trailers for tractors with a capacity of 110-200 HP. The biggest advantage is the solid integrated frame that provides adequate support for strong cranes and heavy loads. The correct proportions, balancing the machine and large wheels give the impression of lightness in overcoming obstacles. The BLACK BRUIN hydraulic drive in 2 or 4 wheel hubs is dedicated to the most difficult conditions. The auxiliary drive is powered by the LS control system, variable pump performance guarantees maximum tractive effort at any speed without loss of energy.

Cranab FC53DT is a fast and efficient crane with a range of 8.5 m, perfect arm geometry and a double telescope guarantee high performance even in tight thinning. The quality of workmanship is also indisputable. The best materials used for construction, modern production technology and proven design guarantee a long machine life.