FAO FAR 1342 + FAO FAR 6073

FAO FAR 1242, 1342, 1442 and 1542 are professional forest trailers for tractors with a capacity of 110-200 HP. The biggest advantage is the solid integrated frame that provides adequate support for strong cranes and heavy loads. The correct proportions, balancing the machine and large wheels give the impression of lightness in overcoming obstacles. The BLACK BRUIN hydraulic drive in 2 or 4 wheel hubs is dedicated to the most difficult conditions. The auxiliary drive is powered by the LS control system, variable pump performance guarantees maximum tractive effort at any speed without loss of energy.

FAO FAR heavy trailers in a set with modern agricultural tractors adapted to work in the forest can in many cases replace the forwarder. The advantage of this set is mobility - transport speed, low purchase and operating costs, having a tractor for other tasks.

FAO FAR 6073 - a new generation heavy timber crane. In combination with FAO FAR 12,13 and 14 ton chassis, we get perfect sets for skidding and "PREMIUM" class chassis on the European market scale. Uncompromising design and the best materials combined with the quality of FAO FAR production, more than meet the expectations of demanding professionals. The main features of the new crane are excellent efficiency, speed combined with harmony of movements and a service life unattainable for most machines in this segment. The main design features are a solid swivel mechanism with a 190 mm diameter core and a 120 mm wide sliding sleeve, structure entirely made of high-strength "STENX" and "HARDOX" fine steel, arms with large cross sections welded in the middle stress zone, multi-layer joint plates , hardened pins with large diameters, large sliding plates in the telescope, hydraulic hoses with a diameter of 1/2 "well protected inside the main joint and rotator sling, a new generation symmetrical gripper with an area of 0.25 m2. FAO FAR 6073 is revived only with advanced control systems with LS (load sensing) system with a variable flow pump 0-230 l / min. Carefully selected joint geometry combined with the precision of the control system ensures constant speed and smoothness throughout the entire range of arm movement. Excellent ergonomics of the whole machine contributes to increased efficiency and fluent pr aca does not overload the crane structure.