FAO FAR 2.353 DT-S 2500 TURBO

AO-FAR mulcher designed to work with a tractor with a power range 170-260 HP.

They are characterized by both compact and massive construction. The suspension system is ideally suited to tractors most commonly used in forestry. The high tare weight, from 2950 kg to 3500 kg, guarantees extremely stable operation and long service life of the machine housing and components. The use of FAO FAR machines guarantees an economic advantage over the competition due to low operating costs, reliability, efficiency and quality of work, factory service, and immediate availability of all spare parts from our warehouse.



- crushing of logging waste,
- elimination of trees and bushes,
- preparation of logging routes,
- fire protection belts,
- removing undergrowth under power lines,
- clearing the area along railway lines and gas pipelines,
- soil preparation for planting trees,
- forest road maintenance,
- agricultural land reclamation.