FAO FAR 942 + FAO FAR 4768

FAO FAR 942 A new design based on an integrated frame, designed for tractors with a power of 75-120 HP. Medium trailer with an extremely strong 200x200x8 mm frame. The design allows overloading the machine without damaging the frame.

FAO FAR 4768  cranes with a 6.8 m reach with a telescopic arm (1.4 m) and a lifting moment of 47 kNm. They are produced only in the flange version and combined in sets with FAO FAR 942-1342 chassis with a load capacity of 9-13 tons. The general outline of the construction of new models is typical for all Fao Far machines. Four-cylinder column gears in oil bath, wide-angle arm joint, vibration damper and 0.22 m2 gripper are standard. Arm joints and hydraulic cylinder mounts are extremely strong. Large diameter pins, wide sliding sleeves and multi-layer joint plates allow for a significant extension of service life and reduction of operating costs. The machine is not "slimmed" in the set with the smallest chassis 942 weighs, depending on the equipment, from 3050-3350 kg. Thanks to the use of a number of additional hydraulic accessories, it was possible to achieve fast and smooth operation of the crane. Hydraulic hoses are well protected against damage. The rubber hoses are hidden inside the wide-angle joint, and the steel pipes of the second arm are protected by an additional housing. Hydraulic cylinders are also well protected, the telescope cylinder is inside the profile, the main cylinder is inverted so that the damage-sensitive piston rod is always behind the trailer screen. All hydraulic connections on the cylinders are positioned in such a way as to minimize the risk of the pipe hooking or tearing during operation.