FAO FAR 51 + 2241

FAO FAR  51 + 2241


FAO FAR 51 with a load capacity of 5 tons and a 2241 crane having a reach of 4.6 meters and a lifting torque of 22 kNm are our smallest model of trailer/loader combination, suitable for small tractors of 30 – 60 hp. The trailer and tractor together make a small and highly manoeuvrable unit ideal for thinning works. A similarity to a bigger popular model 61 (6 tons) and a lot of features common in both models gives the five-ton trailer an exceptional durability. The chassis beam 140 x 140 x 8 mm, the axle with its control arms and the crane’s flanged base are the same in both models 51 and 61.The difference is in the dimensions: the loading area in 51 is 2.6 – 3.4 long, and the outline of wheels is 1.63 m wide. Maximum manoeuvrability and minimum rolling resistance, which are the main goals in any conditions, have been achieved thanks to the crane mounted tightly on the undercarriage and a short drawbar (with hydraulic swivelling as option). Despite the small dimensions, the trailer is designed for professional users and meets heavy-duty requirements. That is why its weight ranges from 1200 to 1400 kg.