Hydraulic drive with drum brakes for the two rear wheels BB4 for type 71-1042 chassis

Hydraulic drive for the two rear wheels, additionally equipped with drum brakes, enhancing braking efficiency in demanding terrain. BB4 motors integrated with wheel hubs. Hydraulic motors in wheel hubs are the optimal solution for driving forestry trailers. The drive activates instantly upon pressing the button (forward/reverse), and during travel without its use, it generates no resistance, with no movement of components except for the bearings, and no fluid flow in the system. The tractor can move at speeds up to 50 km/h.

The system utilizes a crane pump powered by the tractor's PTO. The entire assembly is located on the trailer, enabling quick coupling with various tractors. Currently, approximately 70% of trailers with a load capacity exceeding 10T are ordered with the HD drive.

The BLACK BRUIN system has an advantage over mechanical drives, such as those with chain or gear transmissions directly driven by the tractor's PTO. In a mechanical solution, during travel without using the drive (70-90% of the time), the entire set of mechanical transmissions wears and generates resistance.

The mechanical drive uses the rear PTO of the tractor, requiring a special attachment unit mounted at the front of the tractor to drive the crane. In addition to the costs, a drawback is the tractor's dedication to the trailer, with no option to interchange tractors.

An additional equipment option for the chassis of FAO FAR 71-1042