PF 100 Rotary Plough

PF100 Rotary Plough is designed for tilling soil into ridges mainly in waterlogged and other difficult areas.


Other applications:


The attachment features an unusual drive system, where power is transmitted from the tractor to an intersecting axis gear then to a planetary reduction gear inside the milling drum.

This solution allows working head speed coming from tractor output shaft (1000 r.p.m.) to be reduced


These are direct benefits:


PF100 rotary plough have been manufactured since 2006. Their high quality, high reliability, long service life and low operating cost have always been appraised in the user circle.

A range of modifications made in 2014 have improved machine performance and strength, required first of all where heavier tractors are used.


Important modifications:

The frame has been strengthened by using thicker profiles: 120 x 10 instead of 100 x 10 and 160 x 80 x 8 instead of 160 x 80 x 5.

The LH side of the frame has been remodelled. The ground clearance is higher, the side guard is more resistant, the plough can operate deeper.

The ridge-shaping hood has been reinforced.

With additional angle braces, the rotor has become stronger.

A rear scraper, grading and compacting the top of the ridge, is an optional device.

The 2014 model is heavier than its predecessor by 110 kg; it has a weight of 960 kg.